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     Ayni district

    The total area of Ayni district is 5.16 square km. Administrative division of the district consists of 8 jamoats that comprise of 62 villages and 3 small urban type communities.

    Administrative Center is urban type community Ayni.

    Ayni district is located in Zeravshan and Yagnob valleys between high mountain ranges – Turkestan, Zeravshan and Hissar that refer to Altay mountain system.

    Like other high mountain areas there is severe climate with long and cold winter and short cool summer. The average temperature of July on Anzob pass (it is located 3733 meters above sea level) is) 9.7 °С  and it January it reaches -12.1 °С.

    Ayni is district of agrarian and industrial specialization which has 7 acting industrial and 45 agricultural enterprises.
    The total area of irrigated area of the district is 1 584.1 hа and dry land is 5730.6 hа.

    Population is 65.2 thousand people. Number of people per a square meter is 13.4.



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