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     Spitamen district

    Spitamen district was created in 1924. It has a border with Uzbekistan from north and west. From west – with Ganchi and Istaravshan districts, from south and east with Jabbor Rasulov district. District center is urban type village Nau. The distance from center of the province is 30 km.

    Area of the district is 0.35 square meters. Population is more than 100000 people.

    Area of the district is mainly flat country where in some of its places it is hilly (villages of Tagoyak, Shavkat, Langar and Andarsoi).

    Climate is dry with continuous hot summer and relatively short winter. Average temperature in winter is -5-7С and in summer it reaches + 35-38 С.

    There are 6 jamoats and an urban type village in district. Arable land accounts for 53% out of the total area (18836 ha).



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