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     Asht district

    Asht district was formed on September 29, 1929 which has the area of 2.79 square km. It is located in Northern part of Sugd province and it is surrounded by Tyan Shan Mountains. On the south the district is close to Syrdarya River.

    Asht district has a border with Tashkent, Fergana, Namangan provinces of the republic of Uzbekistan and with Bobojon Gafurov district, Sugd province. The distance from Asht to central part of Khujand city is 107 km.

    This district has valley and mountainous parts. Its climate in mountainous part is severe and continental, and in valley it is dry and hot. In July the average temperature is +20 +30 C and in January it ranges between – 5 and +5 C.

    The district consists of the following: a community of small type, 9 jamoats, 51 villages having the overall population of 120500 people amounting to 5.9 % off the number of province population. Women account for 60550 people. The ethnic minority which refers to 26643 people (22.1%) is represented by following groups 26501 - Uzbeks, 46 – Russians, 22 – Tatars and 74 people of other nationalities.



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