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     Jabbor Rasulov district

    The total area of Jabbor Rasulov district is 328.5 sq km. The administrative division consists of 5 jamoats and a settlement of city type.

    Administrative center is settlement of city type Proletarsk.

    As at January 1, 2008 the overall population is 112090 people. Population density for a square meter is 293 people.

    From North and East the district has a border with Bobojon Gafurov district, from South and West with Kyrgyz Republic and from North and West with Spitamen district.

    The industrial sector of the district consists of 13 enterprises, 357 institutions, 29 small and private enterprises, 221 dehkan farms, 29 production cooperatives and 3 joint stock companies.

    Total area of agricultural lands amounts to 39247 ha.



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