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    Within the framework of project implementation "ASDP Nau" prepared a number of documentary movies about agency activities and projects implemented in target districts.
    Here You can get brief information on each film.
    Partial and complete version of films is accessible in Central Office of ASDP Nau

    "Mountainous Ayni in isolation"   

    Sugd Province of the Republic of Tajikistan was always regarded as the most favorable region. But known events disintegration of USSR and civil war in the country totally changed favorable situation. Sustainably and successfully developing province from economic and social aspects began to fall behind development. Countrys mountainous regions were behind development in even in Soviet period and they suffered more.
    Ayni district is one of the target districts of ASDP Nau had very low starting potential as compared with other zones of the region. Another factor which keeps the district to be behind development is isolation and low accessibility to this place. Appearance of independent countries in Central Asia was basically characterized by establishment of borders reminding iron curtain of the former Soviet which further deepened isolation of people living in Zeravshan Valley. In other words, there was limitation for agricultural producers of traditional sale market and place of labor resource location. A documentary film Mountainous Ayni in isolation tells about this and other problem and the broadcast is in Russian and English languages.


    "Out of Isolation"                       

    Accent for the development of social sector and consolidation of social capital became obvious recently in programs and projects of many international agencies. In 2003 ASDP Nau conducted study on the basis of which analytic report Evaluation of Zeravshan Communities on the Basis of Participation in which the following was reflected: the whole life of Ayni district its characteristics, natural, material, social, human and financial capital. This study was the first step towards agencys pilot project implementation concerning development of mountainous farming net supported by Canadian International Development Agency CIDA, and the second stage of pilot project development of mountainous communities in Zeravshan supported by British Agency and since October 2004 there was start of project implementation Community Mobilization supported by Act Central Asia (Great Britain) and ICCO (the Netherlands).
    Starting activities of ASDP Nau in this direction and project implementation of Community Mobilization are reflected in documentary film Out of Isolation in Russian and English languages.


    "Community Mobilization     

    This film tells about how "ASDP Nau" continues project implementation Community Mobilization supported in 2004 by British Agency ACT CA and Dutch Organization ICCO. Project Community Mobilization has been effective since 2004 and it cover primarily Fondaryo Jamoat and directed at organizational and institutional increase and allotment of authorities of traditional and other unions of mountainous communities; assisting to inclusion of women and the poorest to decision making process on family and community level; provision of tools and authorities for community mobilization of Mahalla Committees for solving community problems and provision of fair access to survival resources; assisting to sustainable increase of rural community profitability in Northern Tajikistan via development of agricultural entrepreneurship, effective agricultural production oriented at market and promotion of rural community interests in obtaining land and land use. It is prepared in Russian, Tajik and English languages.


    Community Mobilization - 2   

    This film is dedicated to continuation of "ASDP Nau" activities in target districts. Big ascent is given to implementation of Community Social Fund projects which has been introduced for the purpose of development, strengthening and allotment of community authorities in villages of 5 target districts. An example can refer to community projects of a number of villages, whose population solved such problems as absence of drinkable and irrigated water, repair of bridges and roads, construction of additional teaching classes in schools or their capital repair.
    The second part of the film tells about the activities of Womens Development Centers (WDC) in Ayni district which within the framework of the project they learned knitting and sewing, canned activities, preparation of canned products.


    Community Mobilization - 3    

    The film Community Mobilization 3 is the final stage of project implementation Community Mobilization. It reflects the whole activities of the project and all micro projects and program: CSF, WDC, GMH, Food Safety which were achieved by communities and what results of project activities are.


    Zeravshan via Prism of Century

    The film was taken within the framework of ASDP Nau and GAA Community based Tourism in Zeravshan Valley via the financial support of European Union (Program of IBBP)
    It reflects modern life of the Zeravshan Valley combining rich and ancient history of the valley ancient Panjikent and Sarazm.
    Viewers will see many interesting things found in upturn of ancient Panjikent and Sarazm which are kept in museum of the province; they travel on places of upturn, see with their own eyes places where our previous generation would live during medieval ages of 5 and 8 as well as 4 -2 centuries B.C. These are settlements with temple of fire, public and resident buildings, cult and palace premises of those times.
    Except for this the film tells about splendid and remarkable nature of Zeravshan that attracts tourists. These are mountainous lakes, rivers, forests and etc. Viewers will get familiar with local inhabitants, with their professions remained as a result of heritage from people of the ancient Sogd.





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