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    Implemented Projects:

     * Program for the Creation of the Rural Poor People Support Structures (PCRPPSS) implemented via support of NOVIB

    * Social Progam in Spitamen district Food for Work via the support of World Food Program of the United Nations (WFP UN)

    * Project directed at rendering technical assistance (agricultural processing of farmland and rented lands) to families who lost supporter in Spitamen district via the support of Canadian Embassy Kazakhstan.

    * Project Mosquito Fish against Malaria was implemented from June to October 2001 via the financial support from ISAR, USAID

    * Project Development. First Steps supported by the World Bank Dushanbe has the goal to create conditions for building democratic civil society via providing fair access to information on development projects of NGO and IO to rural people in Sugd Province.

    *The National Social and Investment Fund of Tajikistan supported the research project and it ordered Regional Poverty Research in 5 districts and one city in Sugd Province.

    * The Project Community Cotton Field Velvet Land Reform supported by the World Bank

    * The first stage of the project Zeravshan in focus of development program supported by Act Central Asia directed at learning needs and wants of societies in Zeravshan Valley.

    * Project on development of mountain farmers net supported by CIDA within which training center for mountain farming and demonstration economy have been formed.

    * The second stage of the pilot project development of mountain communities in Zeravhsan supported by Act Central Asia. Within this project 6 Mahalla Committees were covered and Centers for Womens Development and Self Help Groups were formed.

    * From 2004 to 2007 project on Community Mobilization was implemented that was supported by  Christian Aid UK and Dutch Organization ICCO.

    * Access to hygiene and sanitation via community mobilization . It was implemented in 2 districts of the Sugd Province Spitamen and Ayni districts for 9 months starting from October 2005, via the support of NCA (Norway)

    * Promotion of Agrarian Reform and Marketing in Sugd Province. In 2005 local NGO ASDP Nau became a partner to Canadian Center for International Research and Cooperation (CECI) in FARMS project implementation.

    * Mitigation of Disaster Consequences in Northern Tajikistan ( )

    * Community Based Toursim in Zeravshan Valley" (EC, GAA)

    * "Program: Climate change adaptation and Risk reduction" (ACT CA)

    *"Jamoat and Local Market Development" (ACT CA, ICCO)

    * "Local Market Development" (Helvetas)

    * Fair access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation via community mobilization in Northern Tajikistan" (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands, WECF)

    * Working together for safe sanitation,hygiene and girls school attendance (NatraCare, WECF)

    *Sustainable economic and social development of the region through effective management of natural resources in the Sughd province (EC, ACT CA/Christian Aid)

    * " " (ACT Alliance)



    Currently, the following projects are being implemented:





              ASDP Nau