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     Strategy for Organizations Activities:

    - Human institutes: Self Help Groups, Mahalla Committees, Jamoats, Committees and other target group, clearly identified group located in project focus.
    - providing special knowledge on capacity and institute building, transparency, accountability, advocacy on local level (formation of promoters network engines of new ideas effect of regular presence of organization and its ideas)
    - services, resources, finance as a tool that passes authorities, skills of management and disposal
    NGO is not to perform as benefactor; it must pass resources as intermediary as well as authorities for resource management. Resource management by community institutes (passing of resources in D for businessmen from community for BDS formation as a model of structures for community support on sustainable basis)
    - resources, finance and services for initiative support like Entry Point Activity, brief, starting, that do not form the habit for dependency, not destroying (resources for the support of local social institutes, for example creation of water pipe strengthening of SHG and formation of positive image for implementation of new ideas)

    - expectation that developed human institutes can solve their problems independently, manage investment and resources, expand links with supporting institutes, protect community interest to government and be responsible to the poorest.

    - assisting in establishing links and interaction of target human institutes with other organizations (government, business and NGO) which provide loans, services, education and etc.

    - work with traditional human institutes (in some cases stimulation for the creation of alternative systems) for the increase of their legitimacy, transparency, accountability and responsibility to the poorest, including rights of women and vulnerable people
    - advocacy approaches solution of the problems of the poor and their legitimate institutes via allotment of authorities and tools empowerment and advocacy for people. The poor is ahead organization is behind.
    - researches of poverty with community efforts via employees facilitation for understanding and analysis of situation (reasons and consequences) by community itself for better understanding of the context and acceptance of realistic decisions by community as a basis for advocacy on local level. Researches for community.

    Strategic Choice of ASDP Nau structural change in poors state transition from resource contribution to poverty reduction in social capital building for fair access and decrease of structural barriers. We believe that our intervention must build social capital, but not human needs, which they satisfy little by little.

    We believe that the regular savings as well as investments should form the basis for the development and that, institutes of people starting from SHG and Mahalla Committees with developed system of transparency and accountability to their community both in and outside are keystone for sustainable growth and guarantee for regular changes for the well being of the poor. These institutions will be the basis for developing decentralized democratic system. We think that an approach based on rules of rural community being realized on micro level must eliminate gap between statements by official authorities stimulated by country donors and international agencies and real implementation of laws, strategies and initiatives.

    The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper approved by parliament of the country in June 2002 and Joint Council of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in December 2002 is the basis for loan schemes of the international finance institutes. However, PRSP can remain as a great idea or a declaration of intention to reduce poverty, if there will be not developed and adopted procedures for civil society participation in its implementation, if the society will not have its own feeling for reform process, if the donors assistance programs will be not aimed at poor.









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