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    Sogd Province

    General Information
    On 27 October 1939 Leninabad province of Tajik SSR was created.
    on 28 March 1962 it was abolished.
    on 23 December 1970 it was reorganized again.
    Since 2001 it was renamed into Sugd.
    Area - 25,18 thousand sq m.  
    Population 1.9 million of people (2003).
    Average density of population - 69 people per a sq meter.
    Administrative Center Khujand City (from 1936 to 1991 - it was called Leninabad).
    it is located on north of Tajikistan, partially on west side of Ferghana Valley. It borders with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyz Republic. Province consists of 9 towns ( 5 are district centers), 14 districts.

    Geographic Characteristics
    The area is mainly mountainous.
    natural resources: bismuth, stone and brown coal, oil, ozokerite, mineral paints, copper and poly metal, molybdenum, mercury, antimony, construction material and fluorite.
    climate is dry and continental.
    biggest rivers and Syrdarya and Zeravshan.

    The basis of economy is made up of agriculture which has cotton production as a key sector. Besides vegetable, gardening and cotton growing is important in plant growing. In agrarian sector people of the region are engaged in livestock raising, in particular in meat and milk production and poultry farming.
    In industry a key place belongs to light and food sector. A number of plants and factories work in province, i.e. silk factory, Kairakkum carpet making plant, Kanibadam sewing factory, production facility Khujandatlas, joint ventures, vegetable oil producing plant, a number of canned factories, Istaravshan jercey factory, JV Obi Zulol. Some towns have enterprises of mining, heavy industry, machinery (Chkalovsk, Penjikent, Taboshar, Isfara and Kanibadam). In Shurab, Isfara district the biggest coal field is exploited. The province produces 40% of industrial and 30% of agricultural production of the country. Uranium extracted from the field of the province was used for the production of the first Soviet atomic bomb. Also, Kairakum HES Friendship of People and number of mini HES are operational in Sugd Province.
    There is railway road to neighboring provinces of Fergana Valley (Uzbekistan and Kyrgyz Republic) which passes via the area of the province. Airports in Khujand, Penjikent, Ayni and Isfara are operational.

    Education, Science and Culture
    in Khujand there is one of the firstly founded university Khujand State University named after Academician B. Gafurov (1931) and a number of other institutes and branches. The province has also got some vocational schools and colleges which prepare middle range specialists for different areas of economy, education, healthcare and culture, 5 professional and 12 peoples theaters are functional. Botanic garden of Tajik Academy of Sciences and Planetarium function in Khujand. Sugd province has regional TV and radio channels, independent radio stations, some tele and mobile companies. A key regional newspaper Sogdiyskaya Pravda (in Tajik, Russian and Uzbek languages) is published. Also, there is a number of state and independent printing mass media.





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